2017 KIA Forte

If you want to get an owner of a Kia Forte just a bit upset, then call the Forte a compact car.  It is and but it isn’t!  The Kia Forte’s comfy cabin is anything but small as you will discover visiting the friendly folks at Round Rock KIA and opening one of its wide doors for an enjoyable test drive.

There is lots of space in the front seats to find a relaxed driving position and you don’t have to crush the people in the rear seats; they are comfortable as well and that is unheard of in many compacts on the road, where your guests have their knees in their chests.  Not with the Forte from Kia as your taller friends have that needed space for an enjoyable riding experience.


You will also discover that the Forte has interior materials that are soft to the touch and designs similar to those high ticket autos.  It gets better as just because Kia made the cabin roomier, they didn’t short you on needed cargo space.  The trunk area in the sedan matches very well against its competition.  Owners of the hatchback find out that the Forte gives them 23 cubic feet with the rear seat up.  That is probably enough room for your foursome’s golf clubs and bags of groceries with your kids on board.

On top of that, the Forte’s cabin is stylish, well-appointed and loaded with high quality and tech superior systems that relate to your entertainment and communication needs.  Like any Kia, the Forte is packed with the popular technologies that are easy to learn and reach; Bluetooth connectivity and satellite radio come standard.  You can easily opt for a touch-screen audio display and Kit’s UVO infotainment setup.  This popular UVO connects to your smart phone to stream music, sync navigation instructions and even alert 911 in the event of an accident.  Of course, Apple CarPlay and Android are there for your asking.  Owners of the Forte love the large buttons and the well positioned bright seven inch screen makes it a lot easier to get where you are going.

Talking about going, what drivers of the Kia Forte appreciate and what you will quickly find out on the test drive is the choice of three different four-cylinder peppy engines.  The base 1.8-liter is standard with the sedan model for the 2016 Forte and has been retired for the new 2017 cars.  The Forte’s aggressive siblings stand out for its class with a 2.0-liter that is quick off the line with 164 horses.  If you want some more zip in your trip, then Kia offers a potent 1.6-liter turbo-charged four banger behind its tiger nosed grill in the Forte5.  That lively engine lets out 200 thoroughbreds and 195 lb-ft of asphalt grabbing torque.

An optional seven-speed dual clutch automatic can be had along with the smooth six-speed automatic.  For those manual lovers, Kia’s six-speed is standard in both body styles.  With those gear boxes and engines fuel economy is impressive and ranges from 34 to 38mpg.

So check out this stylish so called compact at Round Rock KIA or online at http://www.roundrockkia.com

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The fully redesigned Kia Sportage is now on the streets and turning some heads and changing minds.  People who are looking for a small crossover SUV are seriously checking out this stylish Sportage with the friendly folks at Round Rock KIA!

Owners of the new Kia Sportage are giving it rave reviews.  They have nothing but great things to say about their Sportage and use that three letter word… FUN!

2016-kia-sportageCompliments zero in on how it handles on the road, and how quiet and sturdy the ride is on all kinds of imperfections under its wheels.  Many say it feels and looks like one of those expensive European small to medium SUV’s with its sexy body contours and LED lighting; even better than advertised.  The Sportage’s bold restyling by the “smarty pants” Kia engineers really make this new Sportage stand out from the rest of the pack.  Its grill has that “snarky” grin that seems to say, “let’s put the excitement and fun back in driving…I dare you”.

This new Sportage has also grown in length and wheel base, which makes for a much larger back seat and cargo area.  The second row folds down to fit those bags of mulch or garage sale stuff.  The Sportage’s suspension has also been reworked to smooth out rough roads with the revision of the electrically assisted steering.  That really gives the driver a more confident feel behind the wheel.

Now, what may be powering you down the highways on your test drive is the standard peppy 2.4-liter four cylinder that delivers over 180 horses.  The SX model has Kia’s tried and true 2.0-liter turbocharged four that pushes out 240 frisky horses and 160 lb-ft of asphalt gripping torque.  Front wheel drive and a six-speed automatic with available paddle shifters are standard.  The other solid choice for your test drive is the all-wheel drive setup; many owners with this system say they will always have that AWD in future cars.

Kia also gives you the choice of drive modes with Normal, Sport, and ECO.  Many owners of this Sportage like to keep it in Sport as it brings more excitement to your drive times.  The new Sportage’s cabin has also been updated and loaded with upscale materials and features.  It is equipped with available high quality and tech superior systems that relate to entertainment, communication and a bunch of safety functions.  Available goodies, especially with the SX model are leather, touch screen infotainment system, automatic emergency braking, a huge panoramic sunroof and much more.

Choosing the Kia Sportage is all good and one is waiting for your personal attention and evaluation in your favorite color and style at http://www.roundrockkia.com  The bet is on that you will leave with a smile on your face, not only because you brought that “Fun Factor” back into your drive times, but for the great deal you received.

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2017 Kia Cadenza SXL

Since coming onto the scene, Kia has been flying up the ranks of J.D. Power’s Customer satisfaction chart.  Leading the charge is the Kia Cadenza which paved the way for the K900 luxury sedan.  That doesn’t mean the Cadenza has lost its footing.


The all-new 2017 Kia Cadenza will be available in three levels of trim: the base Premium; mid-range Technology; and the line’s flagship Limited SXL.  Power for all models is delivered by a transversely front mounted 3.3-liter, DOHC, 24-valve, gasoline direct injection V6 engine that produces 290 horsepower at 6,400 rpm while also developing 253 pound feet of torque at 5,200 rpm. Motive force is geared to the front wheels through an electronically controlled 8-speed automatic overdrive transmission with Sportmatic, Smart Shift and Drive Mode Select.

This latest iteration of the Cadenza displays an upscale European-influenced overall design that reflects a new trend among new car buyers – “smart value.” The styling was penned by Peter Schreyer, Kia Motors’ president and chief design officer.  The Cadenza fills a void that formerly existed between mainstream and luxury vehicles. Up front is a new interpretation of Kia’s signature “Tiger-Nose” grille flanked by quad projection beam headlights, nestled behind crystalline lenses. The Cadenza showcases a wide lower fascia that contributes to the Cadenza’s bold, athletic stance, while chrome trim accents surround the fog lights and grille adding to the vehicle’s premium sport sedan flavor. LED positioning lights and projection beam headlights provide additional European sophistication.

round2Get more info at Round Rock Kia 600 Jeffrey Way Round Rock, TX or give us a call at 512-617-5000 today!

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It may appear different from those other small SUV’s in your neighborhood, but it gets the job done in style.  Of course, it is the new Kia Soul.  This much loved hatchback with its boxy shape provides a surprising amount of space for luggage, golf clubs, bags of mulch and especially five people.

One in your favorite color and model is waiting for you and yours at Round Rock KIA located in Round Rock, Texas or call the dealership at 512.617.5000 for a close up front inspection and an enjoyable test drive.


You will also discover why this dealership is so highly rated in customer service before and especially after the sale.  Just to warn you that on your test drive you may notice people looking at this Kia Soul.  It just comes with the ride.   All good, as owners will tell you they love answering questions about this quirky five door Soul.  This hatchback from Kia expresses its bold character from the front as it does from the back.

When you slide into those wide and comfy seats you will be impressed on how much room is around you, especially for the passengers in the rear seats.  You six-footers will appreciate the height adjustable seats and bunches of leg and head room.  The Soul’s chair-like seats and big windows are a big plus in your drive times.  Also in your test drive you will like how this vehicle is so agile, quick and just fun to drive and park. You may be powered by the peppy base 1.6-liter four cylinder that gives out 130 hp with the manual six-speed.  A smooth six-speed automatic transmission is available for those who prefer not to row their own gears.  The other very popular engine to try out on the test drive is the aggressive 164 hp four banger with the Kia Soul plus model.  Both power plants deliver great fuel economy.  You will also find that the Soul provides a comfortable and quiet ride either to Grandma’s or running errands around town.

For the safety minded drivers the NHTRA rates the Soul Five Stars and the IIHS calls the Soul a “Top Safety Pick”.  That is very comforting as we always have precious cargo on board.  Also ask your friendly Sales Pro about all the safety features that are standard or could be had with this Kia

This year Kia has the very effective forward-collision and lane-departure warning systems.  Even the trustworthy Consumer Reports organization gives the Soul one of their cherished “Check Marks” for a Recommended Vehicle with high ratings in Customer Satisfaction and Reliability.

So, go ahead and do your own due diligence and be prepared for an enjoyable time.  Ask about that fantastic 10 year/100,000 mile warranty for the powertrain.


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2017 Kia Sportage: Taking Over

It is back in 2017 ladies and gentlemen and better than ever before. The newest Kia Sportage has been released and is already taking the world by storm. Literally. This compact crossover is built to handle almost any weather or terrain so that you can go wherever life may take you. It is also built with the utmost comfortability.


Many new features were added and old ones innovated in order to make this Sportage the best yet. One of the biggest perks about the newest model is the abundances of space it has for your every need. The 60/40 flat-folding rear seats and the dual-level cargo floor gives you room for all of your traveling needs whether across town or across the country. There are also smart compartments throughout the vehicle for absolutely genius storage solutions. Also, all 2017 Sportage trims include Dynamax all-wheel drive system which senses the movement of the car and adjusts the traction accordingly to achieve the highest level of safety on any terrain or through any weather condition.

There is so much more to this newest model. I have barely scratched the surface. If you want a phenomenal vehicle that is the total package, from comfortable interior to high level performance, from sleek new design to abundance of room, then this is the vehicle for you. Go on down to your local Kia dealer to experience it for yourself.
round2Head in today to take a look at our other models at Round Rock Kia 600 Jeffrey Way Round Rock, TX or give us a call at 512-617-5000 today!

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Leader of the Pack

The 2017 Kia Sportage is a standout offering in the crowded crossover segment of the auto market.  It is much quicker than you might think with its 2.0 liter turbocharged engine.  With great performance and a little zip, it’s worth taking a look at.


The Kia Sportage has been around for over 20 years ― time sure flies ― and that means that today’s model is a fourth-generation descendant. Compared to how the industry viewed the first arrival, which was with some skepticism, Kia’s compact SUV/CUV segment has come a long way. Hard work and a focus on what the customers are seeking have earned it the title as the most popular crossover in its segment.

The new Dynamic Bending Lights (DBL) turn with your line of sight as the vehicle rounds corners for better down-road vision. Yet more likely to grab your attention are the very distinctive quad LED fog lights. Something about them just adds to the character of the vehicle.

The interior is equally as impressive as the exterior. Despite being classified as a compact SUV/CUV, the Sportage is very roomy for its segment.  I found the Sportage comfortable with the added benefit of generous head room. There was even space for those sitting behind me once I had moved my seat into a comfortable position. The back seats easily fold forward, providing plenty of utility, and Kia offers hands-free Smart Power Liftgate technology in the event you approach the vehicle from the outside with both hands full.


Come get more info at Round Rock Kia 600 Jeffrey Way Round Rock, TX or give us a call at 512-617-5000 today!

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Round Rock Kia

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