2017 KIA Forte

If you want to get an owner of a Kia Forte just a bit upset, then call the Forte a compact car.  It is and but it isn’t!  The Kia Forte’s comfy cabin is anything but small as you will discover visiting the friendly folks at Round Rock KIA and opening one of its wide doors for an enjoyable test drive.

There is lots of space in the front seats to find a relaxed driving position and you don’t have to crush the people in the rear seats; they are comfortable as well and that is unheard of in many compacts on the road, where your guests have their knees in their chests.  Not with the Forte from Kia as your taller friends have that needed space for an enjoyable riding experience.


You will also discover that the Forte has interior materials that are soft to the touch and designs similar to those high ticket autos.  It gets better as just because Kia made the cabin roomier, they didn’t short you on needed cargo space.  The trunk area in the sedan matches very well against its competition.  Owners of the hatchback find out that the Forte gives them 23 cubic feet with the rear seat up.  That is probably enough room for your foursome’s golf clubs and bags of groceries with your kids on board.

On top of that, the Forte’s cabin is stylish, well-appointed and loaded with high quality and tech superior systems that relate to your entertainment and communication needs.  Like any Kia, the Forte is packed with the popular technologies that are easy to learn and reach; Bluetooth connectivity and satellite radio come standard.  You can easily opt for a touch-screen audio display and Kit’s UVO infotainment setup.  This popular UVO connects to your smart phone to stream music, sync navigation instructions and even alert 911 in the event of an accident.  Of course, Apple CarPlay and Android are there for your asking.  Owners of the Forte love the large buttons and the well positioned bright seven inch screen makes it a lot easier to get where you are going.

Talking about going, what drivers of the Kia Forte appreciate and what you will quickly find out on the test drive is the choice of three different four-cylinder peppy engines.  The base 1.8-liter is standard with the sedan model for the 2016 Forte and has been retired for the new 2017 cars.  The Forte’s aggressive siblings stand out for its class with a 2.0-liter that is quick off the line with 164 horses.  If you want some more zip in your trip, then Kia offers a potent 1.6-liter turbo-charged four banger behind its tiger nosed grill in the Forte5.  That lively engine lets out 200 thoroughbreds and 195 lb-ft of asphalt grabbing torque.

An optional seven-speed dual clutch automatic can be had along with the smooth six-speed automatic.  For those manual lovers, Kia’s six-speed is standard in both body styles.  With those gear boxes and engines fuel economy is impressive and ranges from 34 to 38mpg.

So check out this stylish so called compact at Round Rock KIA or online at http://www.roundrockkia.com

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