2017 Kia Sportage: Perfect for Family Adventures

Kia has gone above and beyond to ensure the optimal adventurous experience for you and your family in the 2017 year. The Sportage has always had the reputation of being one of the top sports utility vehicles on the market, making it perfect for soccer moms hauling children back and forth or families who live for those weekend trips. Now, Kia is making that experience just that much better.


Almost everything about the Sportage has been revamped for the 2017 model season. One aspect that has proven to be a worthy upgrade is the expanded cargo space. With 60:40 flat folding rear seats and dual level cargo floors, you have the flexibility to create the perfect amount of space for whatever your traveling or transporting need. There are also Smart Compartments built in throughout the vehicle to better store the small things in an organized and efficient manner. Also, I believe it goes without saying that safety comes first. Therefore, having both hands on the wheel at all times is a must. Kia’s UVO eServices system makes this possible.

This has been a minute amount of the upgrades that have been made to the coming year’s model. From performance to safety, from exterior to interior features, the Sportage has been revamped for the better from front bumper to rear bumper. You will not want to miss out on this opportunity.


Come on in for a test drive at Round Rock Kia 600 Jeffrey Way Round Rock, TX or give us a call at 512-617-5000 today!

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