Love and Round Rock KIA

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. It is a day for people to show love for one another through gift giving and gestures. These symbols of love can range from cards, flowers, jewelry, a nice dinner or a box of chocolates. The latter is my personal favorite, and an excessive amount of chocolate is even better.

It is acceptable for people to show love for people. Whether you show love to a parent, a friend, a spouse, or a child, they are all forms of socially acceptable love. Romantic love to a spouse or significant other is also deemed as a socially acceptable form of affection. However, a grey area emerges when wondering if it is acceptable to show love for an animal or pet. It becomes an even greyer area when talking about showing love for things. Specifically, the notion of showing love to an inanimate object–like a car, for instance.

I don’t expect people to go out and buy their car flowers or jewelry, or even a box of heart-shaped chocolates as a loving gesture on February 14th. However, is it acceptable to buy someone a car as his or her gesture of choice on Valentine’s Day? In my personal opinion, I think that would be a grandiose gesture of love, and one I’d like to experience one day.

ImageMake this Valentine’s Day one for the record books by making your way to Round Rock Kia to buy your loved one a new car to celebrate the special day dedicated to love and heart-felt gestures.

Round Rock Kia in Round Rock, TX, also serving Austin, TX and Temple, TX is proud to be an automotive leader in their area. Since opening their doors, Round Rock Kia has kept a firm commitment to their customers. They offer a wide selection of vehicles and hope to make the car buying process as quick and hassle free as possible.

If you would like financing options and you are in the market to purchase a new Kia or used car or truck, they will provide assistance to help you find financing options that fit your needs. Whether you have bad credit, no credit, or are a first time car buyer, you can trust that Round Rock Kia will get you into the car or truck you choose with professionalism and attention to your needs.

For more information contact Round Rock Kia at 517.617.5000 or visit them at

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