Are We There Yet? How to Keep Your Kids Entertained on a Road Trip

Looking to take a long road trip with the family? A little prep work ahead of time will pay big dividends by helping keep the kids occupied, happy and at least moderately quiet in the back seat. This won’t just help save your sanity, distracted drivers are unsafe drivers. The more time you spend solving fights, bargaining with the kids to wait a little longer for lunch, or looking in the review mirror, the less time you’re devoting to monitoring traffic. And we here at Round Rock Kia want you and your family to remain safe on the road so here a few ideas to keep those kids safe and entertained on the road.

Create a Vacation Scrapbook

Everyone likes to reminisce about past trips, but you don’t have time to create photo albums and scrapbooks. So enlist the kids to help. Pack instant cameras, paper, markers and crayons, glue sticks, and any scrapbook material you can think of, this will give the kids something fun to do and will be great to look back upon.


Don’t Be Afraid to Make Unplanned Stops

Setting an itinerary is easy and you can become wedded to it, especially if there’s time elements involved, but if you have to drive for a long time leave extra time to stop at anything that looks interesting. See a neat park or a boutique, stop in and have some fun. This keeps everyone in the car happy and if you’re lucky you’ll have so much fun the kids will zonk out for a nap when you get back on the road. Unplanned stops make the drive much more exciting and rewarding.

Eat Well and Stop Often

Grumbling tummy’s are usually the number one source of complaints from the back seat, so be sure to bring lots of snacks for the road, this will even keep the adults from being grumpy. And be sure to stop every 2 or 3 hours so everyone can get out and stretch. This will help the moods and comfort level of everyone in the car.

There’s plenty of ways to make road trips more interesting and safer for everyone. What are your ideas for keeping kids entertained in the car, leave your comments below and if you’re looking for safe, reliable and comfortable vehicles for those long family road trips, visit Round Rock Kia at 600 Jeffrey Way in Round Rock, Texas or give us a call at 512-617-5000 today!

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